Fantage cheats

How to load Fantage when stuck at 67%

As we all know, sometimes Fantage gets stuck loading. This usually occurs at 67%. I have a trick of my own to get the site to load.

I just right-click all over the page and it continues to load. It almost always works for me. Tell me if it worked for you!


Fantage edits/jobs

Sparkle store

Hi! Welcome to the Sparkle store! This is a shop where you can buy:                                 Blog header images, an advertisement of your Youtube channel, and a trailer to your Fantage videos. Custom!!

Payment: Cost for you to tell 15 people about this blog. After you’re done paying, e-mail me for details with this contact form:

P.S, Please do not cheat on me! 😦

Fantage cheats

Glitches discovered by me

Blank: 1. Go onto chat. 2. press the spacebar. Blank speech bubble!

Disappear: 1. Go in front of the free PM gift. 2. Press collect my gift, then immediately go to inventory. 3. Press tab and enter at the same time. 4. Your screen will turn to a shop, (For me, Stellar salon and Star cafe) but you aren’t there! Click the ground and you will come out from off-screen.

It’s such a cool glitch, and I really found these by myself, so please DO NOT COPY.

Thanks! Try it out!!


Fantage edits/jobs

Job applications

Hi! Here I will upload some websites that need more workers/ authors. If you want to try out, go right ahead! 😉

Fantage edits/jobs

Advertise your blog!

Hello! Having trouble with advertising your blog or website? Don’t worry! Unlike other websites, here I can advertise your blog, for free! All you have to do is enter your blog link in this contact form and submit it to me. Everyone who visits my blog will get to see your blog link too! Hope this helps! Enjoy!! 😀